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Journal of Moral Education

The JME was founded in 1971. Its breadth of concern is highlighted by its sub-title * Development * Ethics * Society. It provides a unique interdisciplinary forum for the discussion and analysis of moral education and development throughout the lifespan. It encourages submissions across the human sciences and humanities that use a range of methodological approaches and address aspects of moral reasoning, moral emotions, motivation and moral action in various contexts (e.g., cultural, gender, family, schooling, community, leisure, work) and roles (e.g., parent, teacher, student, civic, professional).

JME Trust and Trustees 

The JME Trust is a UK-based Charitable Company (Limited by Guarantee) whose revenue is entirely derived from income from the Journal of Moral Education, which it owns. Its present trustees are Jim Conroy (chair), Neil Ferguson (treasurer), Brian Gates,  Janet Orchard, Michael Reiss, and Monica Taylor. They maintain a reciprocal link with both AME and APNME:

AME/JMET Representatives 
JMET representative to AME: Brian Gates – University of Cumbria, UK 
AME representative to JMET: Doret de Ruyter – University of Humanistic Studies, Utrecht, Netherlands

JMET/APNME Representatives:

JMET to APNME: Monica Taylor, former JME Editor 
APNME to JMET: Meiyao Wu – National Kaohsiung Normal University, Taiwan 

JME Editor, Associate Editors and Editorial Board 

Kristján Kristjánsson – University of Birmingham, UK

Associate Editors
Tobias Krettenauer – Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada 
Susana Frisanco - Pontificia Universidad  Catolica del Peru, Peru
Wiel Veugelers – University of Humanistic Studies, The Netherlands

Editorial Administrator
Gemma Banks  – 

Editorial Board Members
Michael Reiss (Chair) – University College London, UK 
Wolfgang Althof – University of Missouri-St. Louis, USA 
Ulisses Araujo – University of Sao Paulo, Brazil 
Heather Battaly – University of Connecticut, USA 
Angela Bermudez – Centre for Research on Applied Ethics, Bilbao, Spain
Jan Boom – Utrecht University, The Netherlands 
Kendall Cotton Bronk – Claremont Graduate University 
Elizabeth Campbell – University of Toronto, Canada 
Anne Colby– University of Stanford, USA 
Jim Conroy – University of Glasgow, UK 
Randall Curren– University of Rochester, USA 
Isolde de Groot – University of Humanistic Studies, Utrecht, The Netherlands 
Doret de Ruyter – Vu University, Amsterdam, The Netherlands 
Neil Ferguson – Liverpool Hope University College, UK 
J. Fowers – University of Miami, USA 
Douglas Fry – University of Alabama, USA 
Liam Gearon – Oxford University, UK 
Hyemin Han– University of Alabama 
David Hansen – Columbia University, New York, USA 
Helen Haste – Bath University, UK 
Fanli Jia– Seton Hall University, USA 
Angela Chi-Ming Lee – National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan 
Maosen Li – Renmin University, People’s Republic of China 
Terence Lovat – University of Newcastle, Australia and University of Bristol, UK 
Bruce Maxwell – University of Quebec, Trois-Rivieres, Canada 
Gerhard Minnameier – University of Frankfurt, Germany 
Richard Osguthorpe– Boise State University, USA 
Andrew Peterson– Canterbury Christ Church University, UK 
Anders Schinkel - Vu University, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Steve Thoma – University of Alabama, USA 
Kirsi Tirri– University of Helsinki, Finland 
David I. Walker – Northumbria University, UK 
Lawrence Walker– University of British Columbia , Canada 
Yayoi Watanabe – Hosei University, Japan 
Jennifer Wright – College of Charleston, USA 
Meiyao Wu – National Kaohsiung Normal University, Taiwan 
Xu Zhao - University of Calgary, Canada

Honorary Associates
Dwight Boyd – Professor of Theory and Policy Studies in Education, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the University of Toronto, Canada
Don Locke – Emeritus Professor of Philosophy, University of Warwick, UK
Monica Taylor – Honorary President Asia-Pacific Network for Moral Education, former Editor JME 1976-2011


The JME publishers are Routledge: Taylor & Francis Group.

They maintain the dedicated journal website, with its searchable access to all the articles published along with advice and specifications for intending contributors:
A descriptive analysis of the subject matter, academic discipline and author frequency of articles published 1971 – 2011 is accessible in the December 2013 42:4 issue of the journal:


For institutional and individual subscriptions and artlcle downloads, go to the T&F site

Access to JME and 5 other journals for AME and APNME annual members, using registered link


The JME trustees also engages in other initiatives to promote Moral Education globally. 

This portal is designed to provide ready access to all aspects of moral education throughout the world. Its continuing strength depends upon the readiness of its users to take part in checking content and feeding in additional material and links. The trustees understand it to be a collaborative development, academically independent and passionately impartial. They acknowledge its imperfections and extend an open invitation to others to improve and enrich it.

Research and Development 

In the years ahead, from its quite limited resources, the Trust will continue to support research and development in Moral Education as an international priority area. 

An Inaugural JMET Project was advertised in 2014, encouraging submissions from across the human sciences and humanities that address aspects of moral development, moral education, moral reasoning, moral emotions, motivation and moral action in various contexts and roles. The successful proposal came from Dr Sharlene Schwartz; it was completed by the end of 2016. Its focus was on how students in four different African countries understand the notion of privilege, locate themselves with regard to past or current injustices, and respond to the notion of 'making restitution' as an appropriate response.  For a summary report + details of the book arising from the project can be found at

British Academy. 

In 2016 a collaborate scholarship scheme with the British Academy was launched. The awards are for up to £10,000 and tenable for up to 2 years. The scheme is jointly funded, it supports research in the fields of moral education, moral psychology, moral philosophy and ethics, civics and citizenship education and subjects bearing on our understanding of how human beings engage or disengage with moral life. A succession of small scale projects have been funded collaboratively in this way as follows:

James McAllister  Discussion and Moral Education        

Marianne Bruins  The Effect of Temporary Assistance for Needy Families on Children’s
David Lundie  The Influence of Securitization on Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural    
   Development in England’s Schools. 
Alpha Parma  Black, Asian and White Minority Ethnic Offending: Unravelling the Mechanisms at the Level of Agency, Structure and Culture.  

Suraj Lakhani  ‘Prevent Duty’: Understanding the Effects of Counter-Terrorism Policy within
   Secondary and Further Education Institutions. 
Sylvia Terbach  Moral behaviour in Immersive Virtual Reality.    
Kathryn Wheeler Educating Young People as Sustainable Citizen-consumers.

Further awards are planned for succeeding years. For details: BA/Leverhulme Small Research Grants


An intensive Colloquium on the Future Development of Moral Education was held in Rome in September 2019. The fruits of its deliberations will appear as a Special Issue of the JME


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