This workroom is for the second of the three partner organisations working to promote Moral Education internationally.

APNME  was established in 2006. Its primary aim is to promote teaching, learning and research in the field of moral education and moral development, and the related ones in ethics, values and citizenship.

It consists of individual members, who collaborate regionally and hold an annual conference. That in 2011 was held collaboratively with AME and JME in Nanjing. The 2015 conference was in Sydney. That in 2018 was at Kaohsiung in Taiwan, in 2019  Bali, and in 2020 it was to have been in Japan at the Joetsu University of Education, Joetsu in June, but was cancelled because of the pandemic. Next year it will be held in Manchester UK July 28-31, jointly with the AME and the JME.

Countries currently represented in membership include Australia, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Macau, Malaysia, Mongolia, New Zealand, Philippines, Taiwan, and Thailand. Individuals from outside the region, but with an interest in Moral Education within it, are equally welcome.

Link to the APNME website https://www.apnme.org/

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