Relevant National Organisations

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Holocaust education   

BOSNIA-HERZEGOVINA (10 mins) A promotional video showing a training session for teachers.


Character Development Group

Forum for Philosophy and Public Policy: Democracy and Diversity Newsletter

Vancouver Holocaust Education Centre

W Maurice Young Centre for Applied Ethics


Centre for Ethics, University of Tartu  Provides Information about the values development, plus materials and information about related projects carried out in Estonia.  Within the university the Centre organizes interdisciplinary research regarding the ethical issues pertaining to science, society and research activities. It promotes reflections upon norms, values and questions of justice in the Estonian society through organizing public lectures, meetings, seminars and discussions. Alongside its co-ordination of the teaching of ethics within the university, it prepares, compiles and publishes anthologies and textbooks on ethics.

The Mondo Foundation. An NGO which operates globally has one of its Projects for schools, teachers and youth workers in Estonia.  and

Human Rights Centre

Estonian Institute of Human Rights

Environmental Board & Education Data Base   News, information about events and centres

Ökomeedia     NGO Bioneer Citizen media portal for raising environmental awareness.

Estonian Roundtable for Development Cooperation (AKÜ)  Its main acitivities include: participation in the creation of development policy; advocating for greater transparency in Estonia’s  development policy; informing the general public about development topics and global education; information exchange with development non-profit organisations, international  networks and individuals; capacity building for AKÜ’s members; preparation and implementation of development projects in areas that AKÜ’s members are not active in; and organising training.

The Estonian Green Movement    A non-profit organisation for environmental protection the aim of which is to improve the environmental situation in Estonia and to guide society to sustainable, green thinking.

Ethical Links            An NGO focussing on development cooperation and global education, intercultural communication and building cultural competencies.

Estonian Refugee Council  Within its overall remit, the ERC works to create better awareness about the situation of refugees among Estonian public, especially the youth. Since the number of refugees is rather low and they do not stand out in public debates, the awareness is very low about the specific problems refugees face. Quite often the public considers refugees as regular or irregular migrants rather than people who are fleeing harassment or dangerous situations. There is a need to develop better awareness about refugees: who they are, why they flee, what kind of situations they go through and what kind of help they need.

Eesti People to People       The purpose of the NGO People to People International (PTPI) aims to enhance international understanding and friendship through educational, cultural and humanitarian activities involving the exchange of ideas and experiences directly among peoples of different countries and diverse cultures.

Eesti Gaidide Liit  Estonian Member of World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts

TÜK Lastefond Teaching resources that aim to help raise active and caring citizens by shaping the child's social skills, supporting their initiative + enhancing their wish to help.


Arnold Liebster Foundation

Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology


International Institute for Educational Leadership


National Resource Centre for Value Education in Engineering

Teachers of India


Joseph Tanenbaum Center for Combating Religious Prejudice

Yad Vashem
World Centre for Holocaust research, education, documentation and commemoration –extensive education and learning materials


Centre for Ethics: Building an Ethical Kenya

Penang Global Ethics Project


Anne Frank House

Evolutionary Ethics


Moral Regeneration Movement

The Grand Narrative: Sex Education


Association for Citizenship Teaching

Centre for the Study of Global Ethics


International Values Education Trust (IVET)

Jubilee Centre for Character & Virtues

National Holocaust Centre & Museum

Personal Social Health & Economics Association

Religious Education Council

RE on line

SAPERE – Philosophy for children, colleges and communities

Spirited Arts


Center for Strategic and International Studies

Center for Character and Citizenship

Center for Social and Character Development

Center for Study of Ethical Development

Character Education Partnership

Character Plus

Cyber Citizen Partnership

Domain Based Moral Education

Emory Center for Ethics

Giraffe Heroes Project

Josephson Institute Ethics Centers/Character Counts

Multicultural education

National Association for Multicultural Education

National School Climate Centre

Notre Dame Centre for Ethics and Culture

Responsive classroom

Society for Ethics Across the Curriculum

Street Law – law democracy and human rights

Teaching Tolerance

Truth in Reality – race, women and media

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