The Scope of Moral Capital

moral capital logo3WHAT IS IT?

Moral:   'judgement of right and wrong' 
              'sense of ought' characteristic of shared humanity
              a value-based code for living.

Capital: a valuable resource for personal and social flourishing. 
              a centre point.

Moral Capital:  accumulating experience about how human beings relate to each other + the world. 
              a centre point for exploring moral territory – its nature and range. 
              a website created as an incremental resource for all with an interest in moral education.

WHY THIS WEBSITE? is a gateway to the field of Moral Education internationally. It brings together, in one
              easily accessible and searchable place, sources and resources relevant for all aspects of
              Moral Education –  content, philosophy, and expertise. Its pathways are full of interest. They
              network  locally, nationally and globally. recognises the diversity of individual backgrounds - gender, nationality, philosophy,
              religion, as well as academic and professional interest. It encourages sensitivity to difference,
              impartiality in approach and enthusiasm in expression. has English as its prime medium, but its business thrives also in other languages.
              The Journal of Moral Education trustees invite all who use the website, whatever their
              starting assets, to collaborate in enriching its worth.  


  1. GLOBAL ETHICS / COLLECTIVE WISDOM A selection of material suggesting some degree of 'transcultural continuity' in ethics.
  2. DIGEST OF TERMS Alphabetical list of terms commonly used in relation to ethics and morality and their educational applications, explained with historical + scholarly perspectives.
  3. CONCEPT SCENARIOS A series of stories illustrating situations in which key moral concepts are in evidence, plus some related questions.
  4. ROLES FOR MORAL THINKING Characterisations of four different roles representing commonly and cross-culturally found moral stances.
  5. INTERNATIONAL REGISTER Country by country listing of individual academic and professional educators interested in Moral Education – cumulative self-listing.
  6. HISTORICAL WHO IS WHO Global listing of individuals relevant for Moral Education – short biography + selected hotlinks  to free on-line resources.
  7. NATIONAL CONTOURS FOR MORAL EDUCATION Data on key features of each individual national context relevant for moral education.
  8. AME Association for Moral Education (f. 1976) including details of annual conferences, membership, officers, history and link to AME website.
  9. APNME Asia-Pacific Network for Moral Education (f. 2006) including details of annual conferences, membership, officers and link to APNME website.
  10. JME + JME TRUST Journal of Moral Education (f.1971) The Trust, the Trust Board, the Journal Editorial Board and the link to the Taylor & Francis the Journal publisher’s website.
  11. STRATEGIES FOR MORAL EDUCATION, CHARACTER AND VALUES A collection of activities designed for personal + professional development (teachers, managers, parents) and classroom use.
  12. ON-LINE VIDEO LINKS FOR ETHICS AND MORAL EDUCATION Links to videos as identified by moralcapital users as relevant for different areas of applied ethics. 
  13. RELATED NATIONAL ORGANISATIONS A listing on a country by country basis of organisations relevant for the field of moral education. 
  14. NATIONAL SUBSETS. Collation of references pertaining to each country within the other components of the website.  
  15. RELATED INTERNATIONAL ORGANISATIONS Listing of organisations which operate internationally relevant for Moral Education.
  16. REGISTER Opportunity to be listed for interest and expertise in Moral Education.
  17. CONTACT Entry point for any additional material, comments and criticisms.
  18. ABOUT Ownership of the moralcapital website, its collaborative development, academic independence, acknowledgement of imperfections. and invitation to improve and enrich. 
  19. JME JOURNAL ACCESS On-line access point to full text of JME and 5 other relevant journals as granted to members of the Association for Moral Education. Names of individuals listed by country.
  20. NATIONAL LINK ADVISERS/CONSULTANTS   Names of individuals listed by country.

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