National Subsets: Estonia

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Human Rights

Military Strength + Weapons Exports


Sustainable Development

Historical figures

PÕLD, Peeter
1878 - 1930

Hugely esteemed figure in the development of Estonian nationhood in the 20th century, Peeter Pold was an expert in teaching methods, a school director, elected politician and the first Estonian Minister of Education. He was responsible for the establishment of the Journal of Child Nurture and Education, the Teachers’ Union, and the Estonian language version of the University of Tartu. His opposition to physical eugenics, like his support for the temperance movement, was rooted in his conviction that human development is best achieved by exercise of the personal will on the part of the individual. Good education and citizenship experience will encourage its strengthening.

Relevant organisations

Centre for Ethics ESTONIA

Centre for Ethics, University of Tartu  Provides Information about the values development, plus materials and information about related projects carried out in Estonia.  Within the university...

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