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HARRIS Charles


First President of Uniting Aboriginal and Islander Christian Congress. Passionate in campaigning for social justice for indigenous people globally, prompted by the history and his personal experience of Aboriginals in Australia by the White churches. He compares that to suffering under Apartheid and Nazism. “Born in poverty, lived in anger, motivated by radical, revolutionary love and compassion.” The latter is the stuff of moral education.,_Janneke_Hut.pdf?sequence=1

1906 - 1988

Greatly influential advocate of Australian Aborigines’ interests over fifty years. Inspired by Christian vision of social justice, he organised the League which campaigned for citizenship rights and opposed the continuing ignoring of them by successive governments, including the 1957 testing of nuclear weapons near their homelands. The creation of the Department of Aboriginal Affairs was a recognition of the legitimacy and importance of this cause and he was formally honoured by Australian national and British Commonwealth awards


Pastor Sir Doug Nicholls (16 mins)

1914 - 2004


John Passmore was a moral philosopher with a keen interest in the history of ideas.  From an initial experience as a school teacher, his sense of the importance of communication with audience – listeners and readers remained a priority, evident from the regard in which he was held in the many different universities in which he taught throughout the world. He is best known for his emphasis on human responsibility for the environment combined with special regard for humanity within this. That regard did not entail his sharing a belief in human perfectibility.

Current expertise

Australian Catholic University, Australia
Disciplines:Educational Leadership, lifespan, education, research, teaching: higher education , policy, applied ethics
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Queensland University of Technology, Australia
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The University of Sydney, Australia
Disciplines:neurobiology of moral development, childhood, lifespan, education, psychology, research, teaching: higher education , pedagogy
Contact Information:
University of Newcastle, Australia & University of Oxford, UK, Australia
Disciplines:theology; Islam; Values Education, adult, education, philosophy/ethics, religion, research, teaching: higher education , pedagogy, applied ethics
Contact Information:
Central Queensland University, Australia
Contact Information:
University of Melbourne, Australia
Disciplines:moral education, childhood, adolescence, education, psychology, research, teaching: pre-school-secondary , pedagogy, citizenship/civics/social studies
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The University of Sydney, Australia
Disciplines:philosophy of science, human development, mind and brain, neuro-science, philosophy/ethics
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