National Link Advisers/Consultants

AUSTRALIA Terence Lovat  Emeritus Professor Education & Arts. University of Newcastle

AUSTRIA      Martin Rothgangel  Professor and Dean, University of Vienna

BOSNIA        Zilka Siljak  Assistant Professor of Gender Studies at University of Zenica and Program
                     Director    of TPO Foundation Sarajevo, in collaboration with Monja Suta-Hibert Project
                     Coordinator TPO Foundation Sarajevo
                     Believers for Social Change: Bridging the Secular Religious Divide in Bosnia and  
                      Herzegovina. This is a rationale for drawing on religious diversity as an impetus for social
                      and moral change.

BOTSWANA Makotoka Kahaka Lecturer in Moral Education, University of Botswana

BRAZIL         Ulisses Araujo Professor and Director of Research Center, School of Arts, Sciences
                      and Humanities at the University of  São. Paulo, with    Patricia Bataglia  and  Ricardo

CHINA          Xiaoxi Wang Professor of Ethics, Nanjing Normal University and  Moasen Li Deputy
                     Director of the National Centre for Ethical Studies, Remnin University, Beijing

ENGLAND   David Aldridge Reader in Education, Brunel University London.

ESTONIA     Olga Schihalejev Associate Professor, University of Tartu, in onsultation with
                     the Estonian Centre for Ethics and in particular  Laura Lilles-Heinsaar

FINLAND      Sari Murtonen Education Researcher, and Martin Ubani Adjunct Professor of
                      Education, University of Helsinki

GERMANY   Gerhard Minnameier Professor of Business Ethics and Business  Education, Goethe
                      University, Frankfurt

GHANA        Richardson Addai-Mununkum Lecturer in Curriculum Studies, University of Education,

GREECE      Emmanual Perselis Professor, Faculty of Social Theology, National and Kapodistrian
                     University  of Athens

IRELAND     Jones Irwin  Senior Lecturer in Philosophy and Education, Dublin City University

ISRAEL        Zehavit Gross Professor and Research Fellow, Chair holder of UNESCO Chair for
                     Values Education, Human   Rights ,Democracy, Tolerance and Peace. School of
                    Education. Bar-llan University, Ramat-Gan.

ITALY          Antonio Angelucci  Researcher Fellow at the University of Milan Bicocca, in
                     consultation with Alessandro Ferrari  Associate Professor of Law and Religion,
                     Director of the Research Centre for Religion, Law and Economy in the Medi-
                     terranean Area and Researcher, at the University of Insubria.

MALAWI      Yonah Matemba  Senior Lecturer in Social Sciences Education, University of the
                     West of Scotland

MALAYSIA   Vishalache Balakrishnan  SeniorLecturer in Moral Education, University of Malaya,
                     Kuala Lumpur

NETHERLANDS Wiel Veugelers  Professor of Education at the University of Humanistic Studies in

NEW ZEALAND Jason Stephens Associate Professor in the School of Learning, Development and
                    Professional Practice, University of Auckland.

NORTHERN IRELAND Anita Gracie Senior Lecturer Teacher Education, Stranmillis University
                    College in collaboration with Norman Richardson

PERU         Susana Frisancho Professor and  Researcher in Psychology and Education, Pontifical
                     Catholic University of Peru

SCOTLAND  Stephen McKinney Professor, School of Education, Glasgow

SOUTH AFRICA Emma Arogundade School for International Training, Cape Town

SPAIN           Maria Rosa Buxarrais Estrada  Professor of Education and
                      Psychology; Lead Researcher in Moral Education

SWEDEN      Christina Osbeck Associate Professor, Department of Pedagogical, Curricular and
                      Professional Studies, University of Gothenburg, with Olof Franck, Annika Lilja and 
                      Karin Sporre 

SWITZERLAND Fritz Oser Emeritus Professor of Psychology and Education,
                     University of Fribourg

TAIWAN       Chi-Ming (Angela) Lee  Professor of Civic Education and Leadership,  National Normal
                      University, Taipei
                      Yen-Hsin Chen  Associate Professor of Department of Education,College of Education,
                      National Taichung University of Education


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