Historical Who is Who


c 986 - 930 BCE


Renowned in both Jewish and Muslim traditions for his wisdom. According to biblical accounts he reigned as Israelite king for 40 years, with an impressive record as a builder of cities as well as a new temple in Jerusalem, and adept in forging international links. The strength of his links with Egypt is reflected in  Pharoah’s daughter being listed as one of his many wives, but some scholars claim that there is historical corroboration of the commonalities of wisdom traditions and civil service routines between the two locations. Other scholars are more sceptical and assert that fictional backward projection from over 200 years later is at work. However, there is no doubting the existence and strength of the range of literature comprising ancient near eastern Wisdom tradition of moral guidance and judgement. Subsequent writings in his name abound, but none from his lifetime or by him exist.

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