Historical Who is Who

SAYERS, Dorothy L

1893 - 1957


Only child, home educated, Latin at 5/6; subsequently first class degree from Oxford. Writer of crime novels (initially as income stream – more reliable and satisfying than scripting adverts) set in England in inter-war years with hero Lord Peter Wimsey and other characters each with interesting back stories. Strength of determination enabled her to translate and publish a well-regarded version of Dante’s Divine Comedy and the Song of Roland from Medieval French. She was also a passionate interpreter of Christian belief for an intellectually critical audience, gaining from though different from TS Eliot, CS Lewis and Charles Williams with whom she was in direct contact. Her radio broadcast life of Christ A Man Born to be King was the first of its kind and controversial for its use of modern technology where religious reverence was protective against distortion. Her private life has some strange aspects, in part arising from her suspicion of artificial birth control, but sense of moral integrity was consistently central.



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