Historical Who is Who

MOON, Sun Myung

1920 - 2012


Sun Myung Moon was successfully internationally as a businessman – he developed the Washington Post – but he is better known as self-styled Messiah and founder of the Unification Church (‘The Moonies’). He was born in N. Korea, studied electrical engineering in Japan, and whilst working as an engineer back in Korea extended his Christian beliefs through focussing on other religious leaders such as Moses and Buddha. He believed that humankind is congenitally sinful and that Jesus’ overcoming of this was prevented by his being killed before he could marry. He himself was also free from sin and by means of extending the physical and spiritual wholeness of his own marriage he set out to transform the world using the vehicle of large-scale group marriages. This claim is highly contentious, as is the issue as to whether or not his movement involves dangerous manipulative deception or the healthy moral transformation he claims for it. Links to senior right wing politicians in the USA and elsewhere are well documented. Neverthe-less his association with interfaith co-operation and the Universal Peace Federation continues.




Sun Myung Moon interview (12 mins) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GiCYKJc_VwI

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