Historical Who is Who


1894 - 1969

Self-proclaimed avatar/manifestation of divine love and source of unity for the whole world. From a Zoroastrian family background, he attended a Christian secondary school, had a powerful sense of Muslim enlightenment and Hindu initiation, with the outcome that at the age of 25 he attracted followers who named him Meher Baba/Compassionate Father. In 1924 he set up Meherabad – a community centre to train disciples in love for God, spiritual and moral understanding and service of the poor, with a free school and hospital. For over forty years he lived and taught through silent signs and gestures. Baba loving was subsequently established elsewhere in India as also in the US with the sole priority of promoting the love of others and defeating war.




Meher Baba's universal message (6 mins) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TBPyz6903PA

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