Historical Who is Who

KOHLBERG, Lawrence

1927 - 1987
United States


Probably the most influential protagonists in the field of moral education in the last century. Combining an academic background in moral philosophy and development psychology, plus a personal passion to reduce the risk of  human self-destructiveness, Kohlberg created a distinctive approach to related learning. It worked with a Kantian notion of principled autonomy and conscience, along with the identification of a sequenced series of stages of cognitive moral development which he claimed is invariant and universal. Based on his empirical findings, he extended the application of his approach in the context of just community schools and related prison work. He did not ignore Freudian insights into the emotional depths of human behaviour and recognised that overcoming the gap between knowing and doing, words and actions, is a key priority.




Lawrence Kohlberg: psychologist of morality (5 mins) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wm34XKECHNM

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