Historical Who is Who


1889 - 1978


From a Kikuyan tribal background as an orphan, house boy and cook, attending a Scottish mission school, he subsequently worked on a farm and trained as carpenter. As a representative of the Kikuyu Central Association he was sent to England to explain tribal land interests and returning took up the campaign against FGM (female circumcision). Back in England again he studied anthropology with Malinowski, all the time increasing in stature with fellow countrymen. He became leader of the nationalist movement for Kenyan independence and Mau Mau guerrilla group, and thereafter first prime minister and president. He put great emphasis on collaborative endeavour – across tribal interests in Kenya in the spirit of Harambee - the collective pooling of resources, and across national interests in developing the spirit of Pan-Africanism.




Jomo Kenyatta talks to white settlers (4 mins) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6dyeaTk8S-Y

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