Historical Who is Who


1703 - 1787
Central Arabia, now Saudi Arabi


Muslim theologian after whom is named the 'ultra-puritan' strand of Islam. He forged an agreement with the Saud family which continues to the present day in mutually reinforcing institutions of royalty and religion. It rejects developments in the tradition which have arisen since the Qur'an, such as memorials of saints, visual arts and music, and any form of mysticism. Muslims who think differently, especially Shia, are heretics and guilty of shirk, betraying the oneness of God, and therefore worthy of death. They are as reprehensible as non-Muslims - kafir - with hellish consequences. The extent to which wilful violence enacting these views xtremist interpreetations of these views should be attributed to Muhammad Ibn Abd al-Wahhab himself is disputed.





Kitab al-tawhid Book of Divine Unity http://islamicweb.com/beliefs/creed/abdulwahab


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