Historical Who is Who


1666 - 1708

Last of the sequence of 10 Sikh Gurus. Born in historical context of tension with Muslim Mughal Emperor and fighting between local chieftains; when he was only 9 years old his own father the 9th Guru was executed by the emperor. He initiated several radical changes in amongst Sikhs, including the formation of the Khalsa entered by baptismal vows of lifelong commitment on Baisakhi Day in 1699 and symbolised by the wearing of 5 items beginning with ‘K’. Another was the gathering together of the writings of previous Gurus to create the  Sikh scripture known as the Adi Granth. This was from hereon to be the continuing Guru instead of further individuals. His own writings and those of his immediate followers formed the basis of complementary scriptures – the Dasam Granth; its composition is a matter of continuing contention.  The Sikh life was one of strong moral discipline.



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