Historical Who is Who

BOOTH, William

1829 - 1912


Initially a Methodist local preacher in the Nottingham and midlands area, he came to prefer to operate independently of church structures; he felt they got in the way of his relating directly with people in their neediness. With his wife Catherine he moved to London and they opened a revivalist mission centre which eventually became the Salvation Army. Its priority was to preach the gospel through meetings for worship and providing direct support for the poor and socially dislocated, including child prostitutes and those ravaged by alcoholism. Already in the 1880s they had extended this work to the US and India; subsequently to over 50 countries. The military-style title and uniform deploy the New Testament metaphor of struggle as appropriate for citizens in the service of the kingdom of God.





William Booth preaching (3 mins) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=28NIqFfoh10


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