Historical Who is Who

BOFF, Leonardo

1938 -


One of the best known of ‘liberation theologians’. Following his academic studies at universities in Brazil and Germany, he was ordained a Franciscan priest with feet firmly rooted in basic community life. An authentic expression of the Christian gospel must start with the condition of the poor and powerless rather than the voice of institutional authority – church, state or wealthy establishment. This is the message of his Jesus Christ the Liberator and Church: Charism and Power. He was twice silenced by the church hierarchy for his seeming Marxism; he eventually chose the role of lay Christian from which to teach and communicate practical engagement with the need for social and political transformation, and earth-serving ecology.




Leonardo Boff - Culture of Peace (Spanish with English subtitles) (2 mins) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pvQ4D95ICn8

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