Historical Who is Who

BEAUVOIR Simone de

1908 - 1996


Powerfully articulate exponent of human freedom and feminine perspective. Prolific in writing of literary criticism, novels and autobiographical reflections. Sharpened to daily ambiguities from living in Nazi occupied Paris; more simply dismissive of ‘the American Way of Life’ and naively enthusiastic about China under Mao and the USSR under Stalin. Determinedly unwed in her lifelong partnership with Jean Paul Sartre. She was open and transparent throughout all their relationships - in mutual thought world, literary interdependence and physical intimacies, The evidence of abuse of others during this closeness raises serious ethical issues.




Interview with Simone de Beauvoir (French with English subtitles) (40 mins) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SFRTl_9CbFU

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