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This Who is Who component of MORAL CAPITAL provides preliminary access to a wide range of individuals who are important for Moral Education and its development. They include individuals from many centuries past as well as those more recently deceased. Contemporary figures are accessible in the International Register.

The component begins with an initial list of some 550 individuals. This is then followed by the individual entries on each of them alphabetically. They can be accessed either by clicking on the name in the initial list, or by scrolling down and through the whole collection

Although their individual significance is often not confined to any one sphere, they have been given an indicative category as representing their importance for Moral Education: CURRICULUM, LITERATURE, PHILOSOPHY, POLITICS, RELIGION, AND SOCIAL SCIENCE. Their historical and geographical spread are reminders that the challenges of Moral Education and the resources for it are not new, nor are they addressed only in one national or civilizational tradition.

The linked sources are selected as on-line entry points and as incentives for library reading and/or book purchase. They do not include a link to Wikipedia entries since these are readily available.

The compilation process has been protracted. Now that this initial run through has been completed, the commended hotlinks will be continually monitored and corrected for breaks and site migrations. Further suggestions for links will always be welcome along with the names of other individuals (especially female identifying people) for inclusion.

As with the Digest component, this Who is Who component invites amendments and additions. Its composition is presently both male and western-world dominated. Therefore at the end of the component there is a suggestion form which can be completed with amendments or additions, and subsequently sent in. These will be considered for uploading by the editorial team.


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