Digest of terms


referred to also as avarice, and identified in Christian tradition as one of the Seven Deadly Sins, in Buddhism as craving or attachment. Though typified by the picture of over-eating and other self-serving material accumulation, it may equally be expressed in the 'over-hogging' of attention and affection from others. Release from it comes the more easily once it is recognised for what it is by the person who is distorted by it. Though more commonly perceived as an individual condition, critics of the 'developed' world suggest that it is more generally pervasive within the materialism of that wider culture. Obesity is certainly more noticeable in the UK and USA, for example, than in African and Asian countries. From a different perspective, Breughel has sketches entitled Rich Man's Kitchen and Poor Man's Kitchen. The one is no less rapacious in appetite than the other.

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