Digest of terms

Farmington man

a conceptual analysis of the components which constitute moral thought and behaviour. It was devised by John Wilson, as Director of the Farmington Trust Research Unit in the UK. Using terms derived from his classics background in philosophy, he identifies the different components with distinctive Greek tags:

PHIL - the attitude of regarding others as equals

EMP - the ability to understand one's own and others feelings

GIG - attaining the knowledge of the hard facts relevant to making moral choices and knowing how to perform accordingly

DIK - being able to prescribe the right actions

KRAT - motivation necessary to draw on the other components to formulate moral judgement and act upon it.

The analysis was judged overly complex moral arithmetic by some, and even dismissed as 'so much gig and emp and phil, and all that krat(p)'.To others, however, it provides as clear a systematic overview as any of the constituent make-up of morality.

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