Digest of terms

blaming the victim

a much remarked tendency to look for and find an explanation for suffering or 'bad luck' in the attitude or behaviour of the one who is hurt. One suggestion is that this reflects a common human desire to find order and justice in the world, even when it is missing. This is expounded by M Lerner Belief in a Just World: a Fundamental Delusion. In respect of moral education, the existence of such a deep-seated view is a reminder of the power of individual belief in shaping human judgement. The Book of Job in the Bible contains an exploration of such beliefs. They are found also in the post-mortem prospects for reward or punishment, whether in terms of heaven/hell or karma. In the case of theĀ much reported negative reactions to violence and rape, that 'she was asking for it', the contributory explanation shifts to male patriarchal judgement on the one hand and suspicion of fellow-femalesĀ on the other.

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