Digest of terms


in Jewish, Christian, Muslim and Marxist worldviews animals and all other life forms are treated as intrinsically inferior to human beings. In Indic worldviews the same is true in practice, though in principle the distinction between human and non-human is less sharp - instead there is a hierarchy of consciousness which conveys a sense of both shared being and graded status. Where animal sacrifice persists in religions a duty of care may nevertheless operate, e.g. in the Muslim ceremony of Id al-Adha, the Feast of Sacrifice; where it once featured, as e.g. in Confucian and Hindu traditions, it is now generally repudiated. Buddhists, Christians and Sikhs are consistent in rejecting it, but not in avoiding the eating of meat. Jews and Muslims, though, with their requirement that meat be kosher or halal, offer animal welfare considerations in support of these practices. (speciesism)

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