Digest of terms


a basic emotion often with largely negative connotations as an ugly opposite of love or forgiveness, and commonly suspect within prevailing world views. Certainly it can be or become devoid of any moral sense, especially perhaps when it leads to hatred, revenge, vendettas, or indeed civil wars or genocide. However, anger may sometimes derive from a deep moral source, as in so-called righteous anger or indignation in response, say, to injustices or cruelties. Here, though, there may be a risk of overreaction and intemperate self-righteous responses, especially if those perceived as acting unjustly are then dehumanised and subjected to extermination campaigns - religious or secularist. These ambivalences are reflected in most religions, where notions of the justice of God or gods may be conjoined with notions of otherwise morally questionable practices of punishment, whether religiously sanctioned here and now in systems of law, or after death in hell.

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