The Association for Moral Education (AME) is an international forum for all who are engaged in the interdisciplinary aspects of the moral and ethical dimensions of human development and education:

“The Association is dedicated to fostering communication and cooperation among scholars and practitioners considering all aspects of moral learning, development and action across the life-span in multiple roles and contexts, including the school, family, workplace, congregation, and the larger society. It emphasizes self-reflective educational practices that value the worth and dignity of people as moral agents and that require opportunities for ethical engagement and moral dialogue.”

Its initial impetus for its formation in 1976 came from those associated with the work of Lawrence Kohlberg and this has grown to include the range of approaches and concerns found across the ME field. Though based in the USA, its membership is extends to more than 35 countries.

AME’s main vehicle is its Annual Conference. This is usually held in N America in two years out of three, and elsewhere in the world the other year – most often Europe, but most recently in China (2011) and in Brazil (2015); in 2018 in Barcelona, Spain, November 8-10, and in 2019 in Seattle, Washington State, November 7-9th. Each year it recognises achievement across the field of moral education: the Kuhmerker Career Award, the Good Work Award and the Dissertation Award. In addition, it publishes a twice yearly Newsletter AME Forum which is available on line, as is the series of Opinion topics for special interest discussion.

The links of the AME with the JME have been strong from its inception. There is formal representation on the respective Boards as well as some other overlapping of elected membership. The JME trustees are regular members of AME and the JME Editor and Editorial Team are members of the extended AME family. 


Link to AME website:

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