MoralCapital.info is owned by the UK based Journal of Moral Education Trust, whose priority is the promotion of Moral Education through its journal and other affordable means.

MoralCapital.info is a collaborative workroom for the Journal of Moral Education, the Association for Moral Education, and the Asia-Pacific Network for Moral Education. It invites interested scholars, professional educators and any others with shared interests from throughout the world to join in strengthening its scope and usefulness.

MoralCapital.info sets out to be a reliable currency for all its users. As in economics, so in moral education, it must be easily accessible, tested over time, safe from sudden devaluation and open to changing global futures.

MoralCapital.info contents are all entered in good faith and every effort is made to check their reliability. The JME Trust is not formally responsible for their detailed accuracy, but encourages all who share an interest in its usefulness to send in via the Contact component suggestions for correction and amplification.


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