Moral Education has personal, social and political dimensions. How it is understood is influenced by different national constitutions, religions and world views. MORALCAPITAL is a doorway into all of them.

moral capital basket is the starting point for the field of Moral Education internationally. It brings together, in one easily accessible and searchable place, sources and resources relevant for all aspects of Moral Education – content, philosophy, and expertise. Its pathways are full of interest. recognises the diversity of individual backgrounds - gender, nationality and personal beliefs, as well as academic and professional interest. It encourages sensitivity to difference, impartiality in approach, and enthusiasm in expression. has English as its prime medium, but its universal relevance invites translation. The Journal of Moral Education trustees invite all who use the website to collaborate in enriching its worth. Critical feedback is always welcome, as are suggestions of additional material.

To enter the portal click on either the Basket or Workrooms in the header. They will take you to a set of fifteen workrooms, each with a particular focus. They are arranged on shelves of three:
A. Starting Points B. Resources C. Persons D. Organisations E. Nations

Select and explore!

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